CEO, CSO, MD, Senior VP, General Manager, Sales Management, C-level, C- suite

To find the right Board Member, CEO, CFO, CTO, General Manager, Managing Director, Senior VP, VP, Sales Manager, Finance Manager or Marketing Manager does not have to mean to use one of the global international executive search firms. Why should you spend money to pay and finance their organization and overheads? We are constantly working with healthcare experts and managers in our home market and don’t need to invest in several branches. Your fee will exactly find its way into our service!

A successful manager is not looking for a job. Many of them are even not listed on LinkedIn. Someone must find them for you. Best is, if the recruiting company knows them already. Do we? Yes, we do!

Performing managers will not change the company voluntarily, if not addressed in the right way. Only a direct approach of a board member i.e., makes sense here. These candidates want to be convinced in a smarter way. HiTec, as the recruiting firm, headhunter or Executive Search partner with the certain market knowledge, experience and the network behind it, can guarantee to find the matching candidate successfully.

We will introduce them properly to the possible new employer and the perspective there. We approach them fairly and create confidence from the first moment on.

HiTec completed hundreds of searches over the past 2 decades, filling different management, VP, Senior VP, general management roles whatsoever, also with international responsibilities in EMEA, Central Europe, especially in Austria and Switzerland.

This is also the point at which your recruiter or recruiting partner can make a great difference.

Therefore, choose wisely!

Most of our closed vacancies were filled through different tools, like the classic direct approach (executive search) of respective candidates at comparable companies and meanwhile also through active sourcing activities and digitally through our app.

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