Sales, Marketing, Clinicals

“I remember a business unit manager saying that the developed product, which was a negative pressure wound therapy (a pump), will sell itself as it is too outstanding that a clinic will not buy it. A sales team is not necessary. The Executive Search should only cover the hiring of a few clinicals. A few months later the manager was dismissed and the product had still not been launched.”

This example shows that no product sells without a proper sales-, marketing- and/or product- management- strategy. In this case, someone would have to make the appointments to introduce the product before clinical activities can take place.

We completed hundreds of searches and filled even more jobs over the past 2 decades, filling different sales, marketing, product- marketing, product- management, product- owner roles whatsoever. This is the most exciting field of headhunting in our eyes. This is the battle field, where an outstanding sales manager can make the difference and sell a weak product against a possibly stronger competitor successfully. This is also the point at which your recruiter or recruiting partner can make a great difference.

Especially when it is necessary to hire a complete sales team or to launch a new therapy in Germany, we have the expertise to create a team from scratch on.

Therefore, choose wisely!

Recruiting job profiles like a VP Sales, Sales Director, Sales Manager EMEA (region can be elsewhere), Country Manager, Regional or Area Sales Manager, a Business Development Manager or a Territory Sales Manager, a Sales Account Manager or let’s call it a Sales Rep – always (f/m/x), we have done it before. Most of our closed vacancies were those on management and expert level, most of them were filled through different tools, like the classic direct approach (Executive Search) of respective candidates at comparable companies and meanwhile also through active sourcing activities and digitally through our app.

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