Physicians, Surgeons, Head Surgeons, Medical Director etc.

To find a physician i.e., for a clinic or a medical company, is a great chance for us. This is a good way of creating a strong reference and to convince you of our recruiting service. Hospitals are forced to close their jobs with candidates, who are always a “difficult to find” hybrid solution in our eyes. That means, that it is required to have the medical knowledge, the experience and at the same time the economic understanding of how a clinic works, to be able to survive in a competitive market.

Those experts and personalities are rare and won’t change the hospital or company voluntarily, if not addressed in the right way. Only a direct approach of candidates makes sense here. Physicians want to be convinced. HiTec as a recruiting firm, headhunter or Executive Search partner with the certain market knowledge and the network behind it, can cover this successfully.

We will introduce them properly to the possible new hospital, its location (always a topic) and the perspective there. We approach them fairly and create confidence from the first moment on.

We completed hundreds of searches over the past 2 decades, filling different physician roles on different levels whatsoever. This is one of the battle fields, where an outstanding physician can make the difference.

This is also the point at which your recruiter or recruiting partner can make a great difference.

Therefore, choose wisely!

Most of our closed vacancies were those on management and expert level, most of them were filled through different tools, like the classic direct approach (executive search) of respective candidates at comparable hospitals and meanwhile also through active sourcing activities and digitally through our app.

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