Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Are you looking for an HR Management Service Provider, who can handle high-volume recruiting projects end-to-end for you? The expertise of employees in medical technology is crucial in order to be able to generate the right candidates and qualify them with the hiring managers?

Then we are the right partner for you. Our employees have many years of experience in 360° recruiting in the healthcare industry. This leads to a demonstrable reduction in time-to-hire for our clients and an empirically measurable improvement in recruited staff, while we are able to fully integrate into client-side processes and thereby provide comprehensive flexibility in scaling of the services. HiTec Consult can offer excellent solutions, especially when a rapid and massive increase in staff is required or the relevant expertise is not comprehensively available. We support you to the best of our ability in the talent acquisition process, from requirements analysis within the scope of personnel planning processes, direct approach of candidates and personnel selection with aptitude-qualified personnel with industry experience, to adequate transfers in the hiring process for successful onboarding.

Does this meet your needs? Then please contact us to discuss how we can specifically help.