Healthcare & Lifesciences

Healthcare as a topic covers in our understanding much more than a simple healthcare company. Many new participants are growing fast, such as in the areas of AI/ artificial intelligence, biotechnology, diagnostics and pharma, at least resulting from the new mRNA vaccination types. Some of these areas are also considered as parts of the life sciences complex.

Taking into account, that at the one end of the food chain, we have the wealthiest companies hiring the best available candidates. This causes further open vacancies on the next step down. As a result, we always have open slots somewhere.

Many healthcare companies look for a certain profile: 25 years old candidate (f/m/x), bachelor degree in healthcare, health sciences, health engineering whatsoever and 2-3 years of experience. You don’t need to be a magician to assume this, it’s alright to only be a recruiter.

As a conclusion, we can say that those profiles are strongly requested and it is a challenge to find them. Nevertheless, we are happy to complete those searches as your recruitment provider.

Most of our clients are active in one of the mentioned healthcare sectors. We know about each individual challenge to attract the right employees for you.

We are especially the right choice for a direct search, when dealing with sales, marketing and product management vacancies for healthcare. This is our focus area and this is the field where we consider ourselves as the leading executive search consultancy for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

On top, HiTec guarantees success for each executive search project that it completes - retainer based only.

Please inform yourself about a wide range of projects, we have successfully been in charge of during the past 20 years:

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We know about the different divisions/ franchises/ business units of healthcare companies and we completed searches on all different levels.

Most of our closed vacancies were those on management and expert level, most of them were filled through different tools, like the classic direct approach (executive search) of respective candidates at comparable companies and meanwhile also through active sourcing activities and digitally through our app.

How we did that?

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