Many years ago in 2002, when Stryker asked us to find candidates for their new endoscopy product line, we had the opportunity to hire sales-reps from different industries. Our customer wanted to add the product skills but hire the sales- skills. Many of these candidates are still in the medical devices business and many of them in leading roles. This was our first step into the endoscopy recruitment service and still is one of our passions.

To close a vacancy in the field of endoscopy, laryngoscopy, coloscopy, bronchoscopy, laparoscopy and arthroscopy can be the maximum of a challenge. We know about the different requirements, where ever the candidate needs to fit in. Either if it is the sales-force, your product management team, a physician or a clinical consultant. We are looking for the perfect match!

Your individual requirements, your understanding of the perfect candidate profile, will define our concept of recruiting. Our database, our personal network and our possibility to approach candidates digitally and through our app, will lead us to success.

We know best about the different product fields in endoscopy and our consultants do have the in depth understanding of what you are looking for. That can either be for a company or for a hospital. We know both sides of the business. We have filled hundreds of jobs on all levels during the past years.

Our Executive Search model combines different search methods to approach the right candidates in the right time frame. Not only social networks like LinkedIn or active sourcing will be considered, mostly we prefer the direct contact to candidates.

You are benefiting from our consistent data and from our daily approach to candidates in the field of healthcare and medical devices. We work 24/7 in an interface to possible candidates.

We have closed lots of vacancies with the necessary experience in the field of endoscopy during the past 20 years.

How we did that?

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