What sets us apart

We are not stupid enough to announce our USPs publicly but honestly:

Have you ever asked yourself, what experience your recruitment consultant should bring in?

Our competitors often explain in their personal profiles what experience they gained in medical devices before they start acting as a headhunter. Now, that’s obviously true and important but isn’t there something missing?

Can you hire new employees, because you have the market knowledge? Or because you know about the business they have to do, when they are hired. No, that’s not the point: You need to know WHERE to find the right candidates and HOW to do this.

The recruiting know-how is evidently important. You need the experience how to complete a search and where to find the right employees. You need to have someone, who is persistent, hard-working and who wants to perform the search till your vacancy is definitely closed.


  • HiTec Consult recruits since the year 2000, not only but mainly in the field of medical devices. We know about healthcare and medical devices but basically: We are headhunters and most of us for more than 20-years – minimum! This is in most cases more than twice as much experience as most of our competitors have.
  • HiTec Consult employees are no freelancers. We are one team, located in Germany and we are fulltime working on your recruiting projects.
  • HiTec Consult works live in an office. We are not only a virtual “remote” team with some home offices.
  • HiTec Consult works on a daily base with a database, which is more effective than a pure social network sourcing.
  • HiTec Consult offers you to become part of our team for one day. So, you learn more about our competencies and what distinguishes us from others.