Personnel Assessment / Individual Assessment / Group Assessment / Aptitude Testing

Not only do we have in-depth expertise about the healthcare market, but we regulrarly conduct aptitude diagnostic assessments of employees, candidates, executives etc. We do this internally with candidates from our executive search processes and externally with employees our clients. Here we develop requirement profiles together with the customers with certified personnel assessment experts from HiTec Consult, who are qualified according to DIN 33430.

Our public sector clients from the healthcare sector appreciate the assured quality with simultaneous reversal of the burden of proof in the event of a competitor’s lawsuit. Our private sector clients are convinced by the empirically proven added values (e.g. significantly higher turnover for sales staff) that we can achieve through the assessment, which is otherwise already included in our executive search projects.

However, internal application processes or personnel assessments within the scope of a M&A due diligence also play a major role, where internal employees are to be qualified for a management position as objectively, validly and reliably as possible in a confidential environment in order not to alienate the high performers in the course of upcoming personnel decisions. Particularly when filling board positions or C-level vacancies in the healthcare market, our clients also like to secure the processes with psychometric procedures and individual assessments, whereby we can also address specific diagnostic questions, e.g. on leadership styles.

Particularly in the evaluation of specialists, when a company is newly entering medical technology, a new technology or a new market, or also in the potential analysis of employees in the VUCA environment, we have been able to protect clients from expensive mistakes in the past, but also to identify hidden, but silent talents.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can support you with regards to personnel decisions for selection or development projects within your talent management or talent acquisition.