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Executive Search

Executive search is the most successful way of finding management staff for top levels. We work as follows:

Initially we develop job requirements and job description in compliance with our client. These details are summarised in a briefing protocol and then confirmed again with the customer. Target companies are defined either together with the client or on the basis of an individual and creative "target list". After a few days we approach the first potential candidates by introducing the vacant position as well as our client to them. Simultaneously we utilise our 80.000 professional contacts to gain access to potential candidates.

All candidates are very important to us. They will be contacted and provided with carefully prepared and accurate information. We want them to have the impression of being treated fairly and of being involved in a professional conversation. We always provide them with additional, relevant information via e-mail. Our website serves as a further source of information. If necessary i.e. in case of all top-management vacancies, we use a special password-protected presentation area within our website.

After a few weeks, we are able to present solid and profound results containing the key details of the candidates that we have under discussion. During this phase our team concentrates on the candidates' personal qualifications. Results from in-depth, structured interviews are summarised in a concise profile and resume. Based on the profile our customer now makes his/her decision as to which candidates he/she would like to meet. These short-list candidates are then presented to the client thoroughly. Following step can be accompanied by HiTec. If desired, we will even help to conduct any further interviews.