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Executive Searches 2022

Examples for Executive Recruitments driven in 2022

  • Placement of a Managing Director for a leading medical company in Europe in the field of woundcare
  • First time placement of a CEO worldwide for a 100% subsidiary of a worldwide leading key player in medical devices. Product portfolio includes orthopedics / traumatology, neurosurgery and spine surgery as well as dental products. The subsidiary is linked through the headquarters to a German corporation with 30,000 employees and a turnover of € several billions worldwide. The subsidiary focuses on development and production of shearing machines as well as surgery instruments. In this context the company is acknowledge as a center of excellence also for Consumer Products.
  • Recruitment of a Sales Manager in the field of digital signage, imaging & broadcast, leading the German sales team.
  • Replacement of several Regional Sales Managers for an international key player in the Health Care branch with over $ 20 billion turnover and over 85,000 employees. This company develops innovations in cardiac, vascular and diabetes care.
  • Placement of the Manager Research and Development for a leading supplier of well-engineered and user-friendly systems for endoscopic spine surgery. The innovative solutions of this client represent the advancement in ‘gently’ surgery.
  • Placement of a General Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland for an American company within the field of bone surgery.
  • Direct search of a Member of the Board responsible for operations for an international medical devices company.
  • Recruitment of Sales and Marketing Directors for several key players in the medical business
  • Replacement of an anesthetist for a hospital in South- Germany
  • Executive Search of Clinical Research Associates, Medical Advisors, Product Specialists and reimbursement (DRG) Experts.
  • Staffing of five positions within product management of different medical fields like dental surgery.
  • Placement of a Country Manager Austria and Switzerland for a subsidiary of an international corporation with 100,000 employees and a turnover of $ several billion worldwide. This company is one of the biggest and most successfully developer of security technology. The company is increasing turnover very fast trough innovative technology and professional security solutions which pave the way to establish as one of the market leaders.
  • Recruitment of a Team Leader Production and Development for medical devices for a subsidiary of an international developer of large-scale plants.
  • Acquirement of an international Sales Force for monitoring devices for the European headquarters of a global player in medical devices. This client is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of systems for imaging diagnostics. Product portfolio includes best-in-class technologies for ultrasound, magnetic resonance, diagnostic ECG, clinical informatics, computed tomography, nuclear medicine, emergency and hospital care. About 120,000 employees worldwide realize a turnover of € several billion. The company has sites in over 100 countries.
  • Staffing of different managing positions across Europe like Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain and Scandinavia for a European Fortune 500 company with 140,000 employees. This client is one of the top solution provider in monitoring with a lot of experience within medical devices.
  • Replacement of the General Manager USA for the worldwide leader in global telemedicine services providing solutions for business areas like functional diagnostics regarding indications in the area of cardiology and for instance the monitoring of chronic patients, patients with cardiac insufficiency and symptoms of diabetes mellitus. Also the systems and services are able to monitor pacemakers and defibrillators and to support programs for weight reduction for obese patients. The software solutions concerning the documentation and data management can be seen as unique.