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Martin Conrad

Since 2011, Martin┬áhas added the perspective of a psychologist to our team. While still at school, in 1995 he started as an assistant of the management of a project development company in the construction industry. He was responsible for the Personnel Assessment and Human Resources-/Organizational Development. He continued this job while doing his joint degrees in Psychology and Business Administration at the Justus-Liebig-University in Gie├čen. Martin is specialized in Work & Organizational Psycholoy with a focus on HR and Market & Opinion Research topics.

He is still a lecturer at the university.

Since 2013, his focus is devoted to multinational corporations (Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle, Biotech etc.) for example in the fields of eHealth, Intensive care, Human Genetics and Cardiac Interventions. At the same time he conducts projects for numerous medium sized companies in the medical devices industry.

Additionally, he is responsible for our market research projects.

In January 2018, Martin was promoted to a Senior-Consultant and since January 2020 he is a Partner with HiTec Consult.

Martin is fully certified for personnel assessment according to DIN 33430.

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Practice Groups:

  • Healthcare, Medical Devices, Biotech, Pharma
  • Market & Opinion Research
  • Coaching, Human Resources Development
  • Partner Board