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Mission Statement

Our Consultants exclusively hunt on base of full-retainer contracts.

Our leading principle is 100% performance on all our projects. Long-termed co-operation with our clients provides us with tremendous knowledge of our customers' businesses and markets.

It is not products but people that determine our business. We look for quality, durability, functionality and design in matters of everyday life. As weird as it may sound, our work can be defined using the same parameters. Our clients are looking for employees who are of above average performance, who will remain loyal to the company in the long term, who more than live up to individual expectations (i.e. function very well) and who also create an excellent and pleasant impression in terms of their outer appearance.

This is our mission which we fulfill with passion! We look for "people" who may appear to be "products" or human capital but who, in our eyes, are of incomparably greater importance.

Above all, we do not forget that our candidates are “stimulated” and brought into action by us to talk with any respective companies. Consequently, “you” as a candidate (m/f) deserve respect and recognition throughout the entire course of the project. Our employees, our clients and you yourselves can contribute towards making our cooperation as pleasant as possible at all times and towards ensuring that nobody has the feeling of being merely a combination of durability, quality, functionality and design.