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HiTec Management Consultants is an experienced executive search company, concentrating on Healthcare, Consumer Electronics, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical and individual High-tech industries.

Our focus is mainly the executive search for senior-management positions, stretching from the managing director of a medical device company through to specialist functions, such as those found in sales- and marketing environments.

Since 1999 the spread of our business had been enhanced continuously so that other consulting areas (workshops, coaching etc) became a further part of our activities.

Since 2004 our Practice Group Medical Devices can be understood as the leading Executive Search team for Germany based on the quantity and quality of the yearly settled direct searches.

In 2007, HiTec founded a community platform, which allows HR Directors from the field of healthcare to discuss current topics and to learn from each other.

Since 2008 Consumer Electronics has strongly become a bigger part of our recruitment business.

In 2011, we started to offer our clients and candidates a dedicated App with the possibility to be informed whereever one is located - the 10 most actual job-opportunities are provided. Also HiTec started the representation in Las Vegas to be in the position to work closer with any US clients.

2013: HiTec started a dedicated strategy to win female management staff for corporates:

2016: HiTec received a certification for the assessment of medical sales staff on base of the German official DIN 33430. Our team performs a full screening of all candidates on base of strong, sales related objectives. The certification holds till 2021 and will not be renewed.

2017: HiTec has been awarded by the "Wirtschaftswoche" and "Focus" for its executive search reputation in the entire healthcare sector. Also, our job-app got ranked as an innovative recruitment tool for candidates and job-postings in the health economy.

2021: HiTec starts spoken job- advertisements on LinkedIn and implements a new Software tool to cover searches faster and more effective.

2022: HiTec is listed and recommended by FOCUS for Executive Searches in the field of Healthcare.